About us

HardsBerg is a young brand working on domestic as well as international projects, We are an custom product building brand based in Mumbai, India.

Its all started in 2016 Mumbai, when we started taking orders from friends, colleagues, retailers etc. followed by architects, interior designers.

We love to work on custom home decor products, arts, crafts etc.

We have developed a highly skilled team with a shared love of making. Our craftsmen care deeply about the entire making process. We believe that this care and attention imbues an energy and integrity in the final piece that could never be replicated by mass manufacture.

We have always been a design & custom led business. Whether designing for a bespoke commercial project or for our furniture collection, each piece we create is thoughtfully designed & customized for functionality and lasting beauty.

We are committed to developing the next generation of craftsmen and creating a legacy of making and makers.